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When did your project take place? If it is still ongoing, please indicate when it is planned to end. NOTE: All main activities should be finished by the end of September 2023, but the projects can have started before and end after 2023.*
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How was the project funded? If it was funded by Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps, please specify the project type/key action.*
Briefly describe your project. What challenge/problem did it address?*
In which country/countries did the project take place?
Describe the context of your project: where did it take place, and on which scale? (in a city, town, youth centre, school, on an international, national, regional or local scale)
What were/are the objectives of your project? What did you want to achieve by implementing it?
What kinds of activities were implemented?
What was the number and profile of the participants involved?
How many people, partner organisations were involved in a working team and how?
What results/learning outcomes and impact did your project have? (for the participants, local community, organisation/stakeholders)
Which competences did participants develop or improve? Please remember to include the methods that support reflection and documentation of the learning outcomes.
Is there any noticeable difference in the community even after the project has finished? Please expand here on the short and long-term community impact of this project.
What makes it good practice? What would you like to especially emphasise in the project?
What challenges has the project team encountered? How did you solve them?
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Has this project already gained any other awards or recognition?
In which category would you like to nominate your project?*
Digital Transformation Category
How has this project explored, innovated, and/or co-created new approaches with the aim to support the sustainable and inclusive integration of digital technologies into society?
Did this project go beyond a specific topic or skill set (e.g., digital literacy, digital games, VR)? Tell us how.
Which of the following areas of digital transformation has this project addressed and how? (you can choose more than one)
Environment and Fight Against Climate Change
How has this project helped to find out/understand more about the climate crisis, environmental sustainability?
How has this project contributed to building knowledge, skills, and attitudes on climate change and support environmentally friendly sustainable development both within the European Union and beyond?
What kinds of skills, competences and attitudes did they promote that are needed to live more sustainably? (in changing patterns of consumption and production, in embracing healthier lifestyles, environmental degradation and biodiversity loss, social, economic and cultural dimensions etc.)
Inclusion & Diversity Category
What kinds of barriers and obstacles have been addressed by the project (e.g., disabilities, health problems, cultural differences, barriers linked to education and training systems, discrimination, social, economic, or geographical barriers)?
Has the project contributed to developing skills of young people with fewer opportunities, and if yes, how?
How did the project contribute to the process of reaching out to more young people with fewer opportunities in the EU youth programmes?
In what way(s) has the project addressed diversity and the understanding and valuing of human differences?
How did the project results contribute to increased knowledge, awareness and understanding of the importance of inclusion & diversity?
Participation in Democratic Life Category
Has this project involved young people as leaders or key stakeholders? If yes, then how?
In what ways has this project supported the active engagement of young people with fewer opportunities?
How has this project improved and empowered their participation in democratic life?
What short and long-term impact has this project had on the community?
Solidarity & Volunteering Category
How has this project helped to shape an understanding of what Solidarity in Europe means?
How has this project contributed to the development of skills and knowledge around solidarity?
Is there any noticeable difference in the community even after the project has finished? Please expand here on the short and long-term community impact of this project.
In this project, how does solidarity connect to one or more of the following: Sustainability, Youth Participation in Democratic Life, Digitalisation, Inclusion, Promotion & Outreach?
We want to honour the impact of European youth programmes in supporting lifelong learning and fostering competence development, through the engagement of the field's different stakeholders, which is why we provide this special mention category.
How does your project support the learning processes and development of young people and youth work practitioners? Please describe the activity within your project that has a strong learning dimension.